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Highlighter &
Match calculator

With one click you will know if that‘s the one

How much they match your search?

We know being a recruiter is time-consuming.

You spend an incredible amount of hours reading and scrolling Linkedin profiles just to see if that person matches your search.


​Well, you don‘t need to do that anymore.


Just figure out the keywords you are looking for in your candidates.

It can be a skill, a role, a previous job, whatever you want.

Then, you write them in our highlighting feature, and taraaaaaaan


You will see them colored everytime they appear in the profile.

How does it work?

Our tool will highlight every keyword in the candidate's profile and also, will show you how many of these words their Linkedin Profile match.


​Look at the top right of your screen and that‘s it.


It will tell you just what you want to know. A fast look at the information that matters to you.


Enjoy while our tool helps you save time and money.

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Save time and money with us. 

Let our recruiterAI do the talking.




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