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Hyper -Personalized messages

Let our AI craft the perfect message for each candidate

Save time, our tool will write for you

Save up to 3 hours a day!

All you need to do is craft the message templates, add them to the sequences you want, and lay back. Our tool will do the hard work.


Improve your response rates without exhaustive hours of detailed work.

Let us do that for you.


We know time is money, what will you do with the tons you’ll be saving?

Hire better, hire faster.

Our AI might be a human

Our AI will scan the profile of the candidates you have selected.

After that, it will automagically write a hyper-personalized message for each of them.

Pick all of the variables you like to create the perfect template. 

Our AI will write the message in a way that no one will notice it wasn‘t you! 

It goes through the candidate‘s profile and composes the text using the information provided.

Group 78.png

What will you do with all this extra time and money?

The time-consuming process of recruiting writing by yourself hyper-personalized messages for each one of your candidates is over! 

What will you do with all this extra time our tool will give you back? And you know what they say, time is money.

Worrying about what to say is not an issue anymore

Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 15.17.21.png

Craft the perfect message

Save time and money with us. 

Let our recruiterAI do the talking.

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